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Top 5 Exercises To Prevent Back Pain

In today’s blog, our resident physiotherapist Kevin Hartigan (MISCP) shares with us his favourite exercises to help prevent back pain.

Back pain is a very common problem that affects most people at some stage in their life. Back pain can vary from a simple niggle that becomes a nuisance, to life limiting conditions.  In fact the Central Statistics Office recently reported that back pain was the most commonly reported chronic health condition in Ireland.

Back pain can strike at any age, and often at the most inconvenient time!! So with the busy festive season fast approaching, it is well worth knowing some simple exercises that can minimise the risk of developing back pain.

Here is my  5 top exercises to maintain a strong, healthy lower back and core.



Place your hands directly under your shoulders. Keeping your hips on the floor, push up through the hands to straighten the elbows, allowing your back to arch. Breathe out at the top of the movement and slowly lower yourself down.

Cobra Stretch. Image Curtosy of Salaso


Knee Roll

This exercise will increase the flexibility of your lower back and hip muscles. Lie on your back with your arms to the sides and knees bent. Roll your knees side to side slowly and with control.

Knee Roll. Image Courtesy of Salaso


This exercise will strengthen the gluteal and core muscles. Your lower back should remain in a neutral position (neither arched nor rounded) throughout the exercise. A straight line should be formed between your shoulders and knees. Push through your feet to raise your hips until they are in line with your knees and shoulder. Lower back down with control.

The Bridge – Image courtesy of Salaso.


Bird Dog

This exercise will improve your core muscle strength and control. Kneel on all fours and draw your lower abdominal muscles towards your spine. Slowly extend your opposite leg and arm until your ankle is in line with your hip and hand in line with your shoulder. Hold (pause) bring your leg and arm back to the ground.

The Bird Dog Exercise – Image courtesy of Salaso

Cat Stretch

This exercise will stretch the muscles of your back. Slowly sit back on your heels, keeping your hands on the floor. Allow your head to drop down between your arms. Hold and release the stretch.

Cat Stretch- Image Courtesy of Salaso


If you are currently suffering with your back, the above exercises can be  a good tool kit to help. However never do the exercises if they are causing you more pain.

There are many back issues and injuries that our expert Chartered Physiotherapists treat regularly clinic so If you have any queries on your back or any other aches and pains, we are more that happy to help! 

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