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Should I Worry About My Child’s Flat Feet?


In today’s blog, in-house Chiropodist and Podiatrist, Sarah Kerrane, talks to us about flat feet in children and what to look our for as a parent.


What Are Flat Feet?

Flat feet, also known as pes planus, is the name given to feet where there is no arch present.

The arch is like the foundation for the body and ensures that pressure, when we are walking and standing, is evenly distributed along the sole of the foot.


Are Flat Feet Normal In Children?

Flat feet in toddlers and children is very common.

Firstly, children are born without arches in their feet. The foot is made up of cartilage and a fat pad is present along the sole of the foot until the age of five years. This fat pad helps the foot while the bones are developing.

At the age of five or six, as children grow and walk, the soft tissues start to tighten, the bones start to harden and fuse together and this gradually shapes the arches of the feet. By the age of eight, the arches should be fully developed.

In some cases, children never develop an arch. This can be a normal variant, i.e some people simply have flatter feet than others. It often is nothing to be concerned about and does not mean your child will be prone to problems with their feet later in life. It is very much an inherited condition and generally does not cause pain.


When To Get Help

If your child is complaining of pain in their feet or are having difficulty performing certain activities, this may be a sign of a more serious problem. If this is the case, we would strongly recommend that you get your child’s feet evaluated by a specialist Podiatrist. Our specialist podiatrists in Limerick and Tralee are here to help if you have any queries.

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Total Care PhysioShould I Worry About My Child’s Flat Feet?
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