• I took my son in to see Rob after he injured his foot during a football match. Rob knew straight away what was wrong and explained everything as he went along. He provided him with insoles for his shoes which have dramatically improved his injury and have benefited his everyday life and sports life. I would highly recommend him

    Alice Buckley

Are Your Feet Holding You Back?

Foot pain can be excruciating. The average person takes at least 2 million steps in a lifetime so even a small problem can develop into something much bigger if we don’t pay the right attention to it.

Custom Insoles and Orthotics

Custom insoles (orthotics) are professionally developed inserts for your shoes, made with a personalised fit. They can be made for almost any type of shoe from a dress shoe, to football boot to even a high heel. They can help to improve the shape your foot and have a knock benefit to the ankle and knee joints and your posture.

How Much Do They Cost?

Biomechanical Foot Exam & Orthotic Prescription (30 mins)

55 (3rd level student card and medical card holders €45)

Custom Foot Orthotics


Customised Insoles (For Temporary Use)


Working with All Health Insurers

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