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  • I took my son in to see Rob after he injured his foot during a football match. Rob knew straight away what was wrong and explained everything as he went along. He provided him with insoles for his shoes which have dramatically improved his injury and have benefited his everyday life and sports life. I would highly recommend him

    Alice Buckley

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Corns, also known as Helomas, usually appear as hard painful circular areas, often on the soles of your feet or under the bones of you toes.

Corns are usually come from your foot rubbing against your shoe or from the way your foot strikes the ground when you walk. Poor footwear can also make corns worse.

Our Chiropodists and Podiatrists are experts in treating corns. Removing a corn is usually painless, and we can usually give some helpful advice to help prevent their return.


Hard Skin is normally found on sole of the foot, around the heels and at the ends of the toes.

It is usually caused by rubbing, pressure or friction and can become a problem when it gets thick or when it splits especially. We can usually remove the hard skin easily and painlessly.

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