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Plantar Fasciitis Home Tips To Help You Get Back On Your Feet.

 Today, our in-house chiropodist & podiatrist, Sarah Kerrane SCPI, talks us through Plantar Fasciitis Home Tips 

  • Rest: it is very important to take a period of rest from weight bearing activity to allow the inflammation within the plantar fascia band to reduce. Therefore, avoid long periods of walking, running and standing.
  • Footwear: Wear shoes that cushion the heel and support the arch and avoid wearing shoes that are too flat
  • Avoid walking barefoot: this can cause sudden stretching of the sole which can cause further inflammation of the ligament
  • Heel pads: You can purchase soft heel pads to place on the heel of all footwear to raise the heel and provide cushioning. You can also purchase simple insoles over the counter with cushioning for the heel and support for the arch.
  • Medication: anti inflammatories, for example Ibuprofen, can be taken to help reduce inflammation and provide temporary pain relief. Also, the use of anti inflammatory gels and creams like Voltoral can be applied to the heel for the same effect.
  • Massage: place a bottle of water into the freezer and let it turn to ice. Remove shoe and sock, and roll the bottle of iced water along the sole of your foot for 15 mins. This can work well to reduce inflammation and provide relief. Alternatively, you can use a tennis ball or a golf ball.
Total Care PhysioPlantar Fasciitis Home Tips To Help You Get Back On Your Feet.
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