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Top Stretches To Beat a Sore Neck

Neck pain is very common. Today,  Chartered Physiotherapist, Rob Hanley, takes us through his top 3 stretches to help relieve neck pain.


Our Poor Necks

Our necks have it tough. We spend our lives in positions that our necks don’t really like; crouched sitting in front of computers, watching TV, driving, bent over browsing on our phones.

 Neck Pain is Common

It’s no surprise then that neck pain affects a lot of us, 70% of us, at some point in our lives. The real problem with it though is that up to 85% of us can get some degree of ongoing pain for many years after our first bout of it

 Top 3 Neck Stretches

So much neck pain can be prevented however. There are lots of exercises that can really help to keep our necks flexible and free. Here are my 3 of my favourites.

Note: Stretches must be pain free and never  provoke symptoms

Upper Traps Stretch

Great For:

  • Tight trapezius muscles
  • Pain when you look left and right

For this stretch, gently bring your ear towards your shoulder. Hold for 30 seconds.

 Upper Back Stretch

Great For:

  • Loosing up a tight mid back
  • Taking the pressure off the neck


For this stretch, a foam roller is really helpful, or a rolled up bath towel if you don’t have a foam roller. To do the stretch, place the roller between your shoulder blades and bend backwards gently to loosen out your upper back.

If you have medical conditions that cause you to bruise easily or have brittle bones, it is best to seek professional advice before doing this exercise

Front of Neck Stretch

Great For:

  • Loosening out the muscles on the front of the neck

For this stretch, please see the excellent youtube video from here:


We love these exercises.

If you would like to chat to our expert physiotherapists on your neck  problem you can contact us below. We’re happy to answer any questions you have.




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