Hip & Groin

  • I was getting pain around my hip when I ran so I went to see Rob. He dry needled me and gave me a set of exercises and core work to do. My hip is great and now I’m back running again

    Dr. Barry Kelleher

Our Service


The hip, groin and lower back are very closely linked. Some groin pain can come from your back and some back pain can come from your hip. To make sure we get right to the very core of your problem we do a very thorough exam and explain clearly afterwards your treatment plan. The hips and groin have to take your full body weight so we will give you a tailor made program, based on your needs, to make sure it’s strong and supports it.


There are many types of hands on treatments that can help pain in this area. Our highly experienced chartered physiotherapists will get to work straight and guide you through all the steps your need to recover.

Examples of Problems We Treat

Groin strain, groin tear, arthritis, hip flexor strain, bursitis, clicking hip, perthes disease, tendinitis, ostitis pubis, sportsmans groin, Gilmore’s groin, trapped nerve, hockey groin

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