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Pain in the head, neck and jaw can stop you right in your tracks. It can range from headaches to jaw pain to dizziness and even altered vision. Our chartered physiotherapists are experts in treating pain and injuries in this area.


We’ll tell you clearly and plainly:

  • where your pain is coming from and why
  • What we can do to help
  • How long it will take

Head & Neck Pain Treatment

We find hands on techniques work exceptionally for neck and jaw pain and certain types of headaches. Our therapists are experts and are up to date on the best international techniques.

We’ll get right to the source of your pain to get you back to doing what you love most. We’ll give you a tailor made plan, based on your unique goals and get to work straight away.

Just some of the techniques we use are:

  • Massage
  • Headache acupuncture
  • Dry needling
  • Jaw mobilisation and muscular release
  • Head and neck physiotherapy techniques
    • Trigger point and myofascial releases
    • Soft tissue release technique
    • Muscle Energy Technique
    • Mckensie
    • Maitland
    • Mulllgan headache SNAG’s
    • Kaltenbourne
  • Postural taping

We’ll show you what you can do at home to help and everything you need to know to prevent your problem coming back again

Examples of Head & Neck Conditions we Treat:

Muscle pain, disc pain, trapped nerves, face and jaw pain, headache, tight muscles, dizziness, wry neck, pre and post surgical rehabilitation, stiffness, facet joint problems, bells palsy, sprains and strains, postural problems, arm pain referring from the neck, scoliosis, spondylosis, spondylolistesis, arthritis, post fracture rehabilitation, chronic pain, wear and tear, joint pain, temporomandibular dysfunction, cervicogenic headache

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