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Our Approach

Here at Total Care, we take a total look at your health from your head, right down to your toes.

We follow a 4 step approach:


1. Get To The Root Of Your Problem

  • Our experienced clinicians are experts in getting to the heart of your problem.
  • We’ll tell you clearly and plainly:
    1. Where your pain is coming from and why
    2. What we can do to help
    3. How long it will take
    4. How many sessions you will need


2. Hands-On Treatment Day One

  • We’ll get to work straight away, using the  best techniques and including latest technology


3. Expert Home Advice & Top Tips

  • Our video software will give you a tailor made rehabilitation program.
  • We’ll go through everything you need to get you back on track and help prevent your problem from coming back


4. We Go The Extra Mile

  • We focus on providing you with the best service in every way so we have
    • Appointments available within 48 hours
    • Early & late appointments so we can see you before, or after, work
    • Easily accessible location with lots of free parking
    • We’ll see you on time, every time
    • Now you can book appointments directly on our website too 24/7!

Physio Services We Provide

Total Care Physio offer a comprehensive service for muscle, back, and joint pain, and sports injuries.

Working with All Health Insurers

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