All your Questions Answered

Check out the FAQ below. If you need to know more please get in touch!

The earlier you can get your problem or injury diagnosed and treated the quicker the better. We advise that you see us as soon as your pain starts. If you are not sure if you need to see us, see your GP or go to A & E just give us a call. Our clinicians are delighted to take your call. If we can help, we will. If we can’t we’ll give you straight and honest advise on who can.

We offer a wide range of treatments to best treat your needs. This can range from massage, to home exercises to dry needling & acupuncture to custom orthotics and strength & conditioning. Our expert clinician’s will guide you as to what will suit your individual needs best.

We have no waiting lists. We guarantee appointments within 48 hours and often on the same day as booking. We also offer early morning, lunchtime and late evening sessions to best suit you.

No we can see you straight away, without a referral. If you have a letter from your GP or surgeon or have results from an MRI scan or x-ray it is worth while bringing them in so your clinician can go through them with you.

Our experienced clinicians take you through a full assessment to get to the root of your problem.

We’ll tell you clearly and plainly:

  • Where your pain is coming from
  • What we can do to help
  • How long it will take
  • How many sessions you will need

We’ll get to work straight away and give you tips for what you can do at home and in the gym to help you heal faster

It’s best that you wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes as the therapist will need to see where your problem is. If you have an injury in your leg, then a pair of shorts is helpful. Don’t worry though, we have some shorts in clinic if you are stuck.

Absolutely. We do need to assess you so we can find out what treatment will be best for you but our aim is to get you better as soon as we can so we always treat on day one.

A typical session lasts 30 minutes but we do offer 45 minute and 60 minute sessions if you need them

Each patient and each condition is different. Based on your assessment, your clinician will put a treatment plan in place. We will tell you how many sessions we expect you will need, what to expect and how long it will take. This is a team effort so we are here to help you and motivate you all along the road to recovery

We are covered by all the major health insurers in Ireland. However, the amount you can claim back does depend on your level of insurance with your insurance provider. In some policies you can get most of your fees back, in others there is an amount (an excess) that you must pay first. We recommend that you speak with insurance company and they will tell you what you can claim.

Yes, you can claim back chartered physiotherapy as a medical expense through the MED1 tax form from revenue.