Physiotherapy, Chiropody and Sports Injury Treatment in Limerick

Clients Said

  • I went to see Rob after experiencing persistent back muscle soreness following visits to the gym. Rob worked on it and gave me immediate relief. He also advised me exercises to practice to prevent the problem reoccurring in the future

    Jack Kissane
  • I took my son in to see Rob after he injured his foot during a football match. Rob knew straight away what was wrong and explained everything as he went along. He provided him with insoles for his shoes which have dramatically improved his injury and have benefited his everyday life and sports life. I would highly recommend him

    Alice Buckley
  • I used to suffer severe shin splints just walking to the train station in the morning. Strenuous physical exercise was out of the question for me. After a consultation with Rob he diagnosed the problem and had me fitted with custom orthotics. After years of chronic pain and inactivity, I’m now regularly running 10k’s and I’ve been able to go back playing Gaelic football. Thanks Rob!

    Bernie Hargadon
  • Rob guided me after I had surgery on my shoulder The dry needling and exercises really helped and I’m back surfing and training now again

    Ger Brassil

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